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Every business has the right to protect their copyrights and trademarks. Sometimes, mistakes happen. If your company is facing a claim of infringement, you must take action. Let your business insurance agent know. In some cases, your liability insurance will help to cover the losses associated with these claims. READ MORE >>

  Why I Stopped Eating Sugar for a Week and What Happened Next Last Wednesday I saw an interview with Chris Kresser promoting his new book Unconventional Medicine (2017). During the interview I learned some shocking facts about the state of our nation’s public. READ MORE >>

Defending Yourself from Negativity            One of the great things about working here at Momentum Insurance is the positivity we exude every day. We all try to support and encourage each other so we can be better people and a better company. READ MORE >>

Don’t Forget! Daylight Saving Time Ends Sunday, Novemeber 5!   This year’s Daylight Saving Time, or Daylights Savings Time as it is often pronounced, will end early in the morning on Sunday, November 5th. This means that across most of the country, in each timezone, as the clock reaches 1:59:59am it will then fall back to 1:00:00am. READ MORE >>

Halloween and Your Insurance   How does Halloween relate to insurance you ask? Let’s take a look at some SPOOKY examples!     It was a dark and stormy night and all through the neighborhood the ghouls and goblins were tricking and treating.  A lone werewolf approaches your door. READ MORE >>

Texting and Driving Why Insurance Prices Will Keep Rising Until Personal Responsibility is Revived   It seems like every week we receive the same call from our clients. People want to know why the price of their insurance is going up, even though they themselves are safe drivers, usually with a spotless driving record. READ MORE >>

Tina's Survivor Story This is Tina We love Tina    We’re really grateful that we get to come into the office and work with Tina every day, especially considering she’s a breast cancer survivor. Just like every survivor’s story Tina’s is unique and we’d READ MORE >>

  Independent Agents vs. Direct Writers             In today’s world, everyone needs insurance and most think only of what benefits they can get the quickest for the cheapest.  We’re here to tell you that this is not always the priority you should be concerned with. READ MORE >>

Momentum, the Insurance Contract, and You! The essential practices of insurance date back to the earliest agreements of history, when families, clans, friends, and neighbors would make pacts of mutual help with one another. READ MORE >>

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