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Texting and Driving Why Insurance Prices Will Keep Rising Until Personal Responsibility is Revived   It seems like every week we receive the same call from our clients. People want to know why the price of their insurance is going up, even though they themselves are safe drivers, usually with a spotless driving record. READ MORE >>

Tina's Survivor Story This is Tina We love Tina    We’re really grateful that we get to come into the office and work with Tina every day, especially considering she’s a breast cancer survivor. Just like every survivor’s story Tina’s is unique and we’d READ MORE >>

  Independent Agents vs. Direct Writers             In today’s world, everyone needs insurance and most think only of what benefits they can get the quickest for the cheapest.  We’re here to tell you that this is not always the priority you should be concerned with. READ MORE >>

Momentum, the Insurance Contract, and You! The essential practices of insurance date back to the earliest agreements of history, when families, clans, friends, and neighbors would make pacts of mutual help with one another. READ MORE >>

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In the second half of this week, tropical depression Harvey will continue to gain strength as it crosses over the waters of the western Gulf of Mexico.   We're hoping that this storm won't be severe, but when one storm passes the next is sure to follow. READ MORE >>

In case you couldn't view yesterday's eclipse, here's the photos we took from our office using a pinhole projector! Here's a bonus for the next time your in a solar eclipse;the same principle of optics that allows a pinhole projector to work, also creates mini-projections of the eclipse when the light passes through leaves, colanders, and other things with small openings! READ MORE >>

  Starting today, this weekend, August 11 – August 13, is Texas’s annual Sales Tax Holiday! Every year, Texans save millions of dollars on common school supplies and school clothes. Footwear and backpacks are also exempt from taxation this weekend, but not specialty items such as cleats or football pads. READ MORE >>

When a car hydroplanes the most important thing to remember is not to panic. First, do not brake or accelerate suddenly. Since hydroplaning is a loss of traction to the front tires sudden braking slows the front tires but locks the rear tires which can cause a spin out. READ MORE >>

Please check back soon, we will be sharing valuable tips and information. READ MORE >>

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